My dear friends:


Please come along with me

To the rivers, the lakes and to the sea...


We're Oregon bound, to the westerly shore

To visit seagulls, plovers, osprey and more...


Open heart and mind to abundance and choice

Touch the soul of the wild, feel the freedom...hear her voice.


 Gina and Rita, February 8, 2001...Bandon -by-the-Sea, Oregon 

Gina and Rita at low tide at Bandon-By-The-Sea, 

my birthday night under a full moon.


Kizzie Lookin' out the Window at the Ocean... Kizzie lookin' at her first wild flock of Starlings.

   Gina and Rita at Yachats, Oregon...just in front of our room! 

The first day of my 43rd Year...a sunny day and tidepools!



The view from our house on Bandon beach.



Kizzie at coquille lighthouse point. She's watching sea lions watch her!

Doug with Kizzie in her travelin' cage.... A kizzie perspective!

 Two of my three wonderful companions at umpqua lighthouse lake.

Rita and Kizzie's car castle.
we all shared the same eye level... only equals on this trip!

An appreciative group. 
40 pounds of dog food didn't go very far, lol!


Good morning from mercer lake. Another wowser water-front cabin view!
I took this picture looking out the window from the bed...

stairway to and from heaven...yachats beach and bluffs.


Inside the largest sea cave in north america.  300 lady sea lions and pups are taking refuge from the pacific storm...bark bark bark bark bark bark 

Where are the guys?  In mexico soakin' up the rays while the women take care of the kids, of course!


Rita resting on a grassy trail on her way thru the dunes to the beach!



Waiting for Gadot.   This next one is a bead for robin's collection...


Kizzie wonderin' which way to look...Rita basking in the new sun, sigh.


Kizzie arrives at the inn at arch rock. 
fifteen minutes to get organized and she's free again to roam the room!


Rita plays in the water, while ghosts walk the halls of the lighthouse...

and Gina prepares to turn the convoy around and head back home.


 the sun is setting on our fabulous road trip
up the California and Oregon coast.

1437 miles of memories to cherish.


The forever view in our hearts.

Oregon Coast Winter road trip
February 4th, 2001 to February 16th, 2001